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Meet the team

Grit Accounting is structured to support our clients, whatever their requirements are. The company operates on a flexible basis to deliver the service the client demand. We always strive to add real value in the form of that optimizing, training and system implementation.

Our Directors

Mariaan Leonard


Mariaan sees the potential in others. Each person is a work in progress, alive with possibilities, and are drawn toward people for this reason. When she started the accounting practise in 2009, the goal was and still is, to help our clients experience success, looking for ways to challenge them, to grow and progress.

What I’m good at: Sorting through the clutter and finding the best route and plan.
Typical me: Always in a hurry.
In my next life I’ll become: A superhero.

Sonette Meyer


As an article clerk Sonette and Mariaan dreamt about one day having their own accounting firm. After a few detours in her career Sonette joined Mariaan at Leofin Accountants in 2012. Now as a partner in the firm she has a set goal to give excellent service to clients, attending to their accounting while they do business.

What I’m good at: Good with numbers.
Typical me: Checklists.
In my next life I’ll become: A writer.

Our Accountants


Everything Charlene touches turns to DONE, with the most professional and accurate attitude, no job is too big or too small to handle. Privately Charlene is a big animal lover, always putting family first and engaged to a farmer with a golden heart.

What I’m good at: Lending a sympathetic ear to all in need.
Typical me: Always busy with arm workout, either lifting weights or holding the family kids.
In my next life I’ll become: A billionaire.


Loves her job, bit of a workaholic. Always willing to help her colleagues. She is a perfectionist in her work as well as in her personal life.

What I’m good at: Accounting.
Typical me: Nose stuck in a book.
In my next life I’ll become: A rock star.


Lobke is ambitious, goal driven and enthusiastic about her job. Lobke is currently doing her articles and graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2017. Lobke enjoys sandy beaches and clear blue skies.

What I’m good at: Brightening everyone’s day with a joke.
Typical me: Having fun in the sun.
In my next life I’ll become: A mermaid.


Once Kirsten has set her mind to accomplish something nothing, can stop her from achieving it. She is very goal-oriented. She graduated from the North West University and is currently doing her Honors in Financial Accounting.

What I’m good at: Being a very loyal person, putting other people’s needs ahead of my own.
Typical me: Spending quality time with close family and friends.
In my next life I’ll become: A dog.


Venè has a very funny personality and loves to make jokes. She has excellent communication and organisational skills, is punctual, self-motivating, hard-working and a team player. She can work very well under pressure and is a positive person who is always willing to take on new responsibilities. A very strong and mature personality. Loves animals.

What I’m good at: Making girls look like a million dollars.
Typical me: Making everyone laugh.
In my next life I’ll become: A motivational speaker to empower women.


Driven by passion, motivated by goals and encouraged by success; these building blocks are the foundation on which Lorraine lives by. A go-getter to say the least. She is passionate, organized and ambitious with every task at hand, seeing the silver lining in any difficult situation.

What I’m good at: Providing a calm atmosphere.
Typical me: Always offering a helping hand.
In my next life I’ll become: I want to be Google.


Natasha is passionate about every part of her life. Working for a goal makes her stand up in the morning. She strives to do her work accurately and to her full potential.

What I’m good at: Learning something new, having an adventure.
Typical me: Always hungry.
In my next life I’ll become: A panda.


Corne likes to finish what she has started. She enjoys spending time with friends and being outdoors. She is an energetic person that likes to keep busy and always has time for a joke.

What I’m good at: Sports
Typical me: Mug of coffee in my hand.
In my next life I’ll become: I’ll be someone’s spoiled cat.

Our strategy

Quality and informed business decisions rely on accurate and up-to-date financial statements i.e; budgets, tax planning, cash flow, strategic planning, etc.

Traditionally, clients and their accountants are so busy finalising historic information and submitting statutory returns, that there is little to no time to use the financial information to make informed & proactive business decisions.

We have the experience, expertise & futuristic insights to recommend systems that ensure critical accounting information is a click away.

Once these systems are in place, the collaboration between client and firm becomes productive, with dynamic conversations that lead to overall business improvements.