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Accounting Fees

We at Grit Accountants believe you should always be in control of your fees with no surprises. There is nothing worse that being landed with an unexpected additional accountancy bill.

We quote our clients on a fixed monthly price for varying levels of service, so that customers would never be surprised by their bill.

We also explain all the different tax submissions and obligations to our clients and the time frame in which the specific payments needs to be done.

Xero accounting software

Time-saving accounting tools for you. Xero accounting software is secure and reliable.

Run your business on the go – know the numbers for your customers, suppliers and even cash flow (in real time!).

Xero software offers the latest tech, regular back-ups, 24/7 support and easy collaboration with your accountant.

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Know how your business is doing. Always.

With Grits Accountants, you can feel secure in the knowledge that your accounts are always up to date and you have anytime access to your data. You will be well informed on the in and outs of balance sheets, cash flow, profits as well be able to retrieve this information whenever you need it.